Byrd is the Word

In aid of the St Mary Mary Magdalen’s Restoration and Development Trust, the Choir of Mary Mags (plus guests) will be performing the complete Latin works of William Byrd within a 24-hour period. This includes approximately 200 motets, and 3 Masses, adding up to around 16 hours of music making.

Why Byrd? Well, Mary Mags has a long history with early music. The first concert in the history of The Tallis Scholars took place in the Church in 1973. The Brabant Ensemble (directed by former Director of music Stephen Rice) counted the building as their home for a long period, and Will Dawes (the current Director of music) sings with Stile Antico. Byrd is also the most represented composer in the choirs’ library - there aren’t many composers whose works consistently please singer, congregation, and clergy alike!

The concert will begin at 5pm on Friday 20th January 2017, until midnight, and pick up again at 8am 21st January until 5pm.

The roof of the Church of St Mary Magdalen, Oxford, has been in need of replacement for some time, and the water damage to the interior of the church is clear for all to see. Whilst we're delighted that a date has been set to undertake the necessary repairs, the funding is not complete.

Please do support our choir and our church by sponsoring pieces from the performance. You may sponsor as many pieces as you like. You may also provide a general donation. The form below will help you calculate a suggested donation. The button will take you to the JustGiving page for the event for you to provide your online donation.

Thank you so much!

Byrd is the Word will be streamed on YouTube!:

The order of performance is also available here:

TitleDurationVal. (£)Select
Ab ortu solis4m 30s15
Ad Dominum cum tribularer10m 30s50
Adoramus te1m 45s5
Adorna thalamum tuum3m 45s15
Afflicti pro peccatis 5m 0s15
Alleluia - Ascendit Deus2m 30s15
Alleluia - Ave Maria 3m 45s15
Alleluia - Cognoverunt discipuli3m 30s15
Alleluia - Confitemini Domino1m 30s5
Alleluia - Emitte Spiritum tuum1m 45s5
Alleluia - Laudate Pueri1m 30s5
Alleluia - Senex puerum portabat 2m 0s5
Alleluia - Vespere autem sabbatti2m 30s15
Alma Redemptoris Mater4m 15s15
Angelus Domini descendit1m 30s5
Apparebit in finem2m 45s15
Ascendit Deus in jubilatione1m 15s5
Aspice Domine de sede 6m 0s15
Aspice Domine quia facta est5m 30s15
Assumpta est Maria1m 30s5
Attollite portas4m 30s15
Audivi vocem4m 0s15
Ave Maria2m 15s15
Ave maris stella8m 0s15
Ave Regina caelorum (a4)4m 15s15
Ave Regina coelorum (a5)4m 45s5
Ave verum corpus4m 0s50
Beata es, Virgo Maria2m 15s5
Beata viscera1m 45s5
Beati mundo corde3m 15s15
Benedicta et venerabilis2m 30s15
Benigne Fac Domine3m 0s15
Cantate Domino2m 15s15
Christe qui lux es et dies a54m 0s5
Christus resurgens5m 45s15
Cibavit eos4m 0s15
Circumdederunt me5m 0s15
Circumspice Jerusalem4m 15s15
Confirma hoc Deus1m 45s5
Constitues eos Principes (Gradual)3m 15s15
Constitues eos Principes (Offertory)2m 0s5
Cunctis diebus5m 45s15
Da mihi auxilium6m 0s15
Defecit in dolore 6m 45s50
Deo gratias1m 0s5
Descendit de coelis5m 45s15
Deus in Adjutorium10m 30s15
Deus venerunt gentes 12m 15s15
Dies sanctificatus2m 0s5
Diffusa est gratia 7m 15s15
Diliges Dominum3m 0s15
Domine ante te4m 15s15
Domine Deus omnipotens8m 30s15
Domine exaudi orationem6m 30s15
Domine non sum dignus3m 15s15
Domine praestolamur6m 0s15
Domine quis habitabit8m 45s15
Domine salva nos3m 15s15
Domine secundum actum meum6m 45s15
Domine secundum multitudinem3m 30s15
Domine tu jurasti4m 15s15
Domine, exaudi orationem meam, et clamor meus15
Ecce advenit dominator Dominus5m15
Ecce quam bonum3m 45s15
Ecce virgo concipiet2m 15s15
Ego sum panis vivus2m 0s5
Emendemus in melius3m 15s15
Exsurge Domine4m 15s50
Fac cum servo tuo4m 45s15
Factus est repente2m 0s5
Felix es, sacra Virgo Maria1m 45s5
Felix namque es1m 45s5
Gaude Maria3m 0s15
Gaudeamus omnes in Domino (All Saints)5m 0s50
Gaudeamus omnes in Domino (BVM)5m 30s15
Haec dicit Dominus - Haec dicit Dominus6m 45s15
Haec dies - Alleluia. Pascha nostrum2m 0s5
Haec dies a 31m 30s5
Haec dies a 62m 30s50
Hodie beata Virgo2m 30s15
Hodie Christus natus est2m 15s15
Hodie Simon Petrus4m 0s15
In Exitu Israel17m 30s15
In manus tuas2m 15s5
In resurrectione tua2m5
Infelix ego 13m 0s50
Jesu nostra redemptio5m 0s15
Justorum animae2m 45s15
Laetania9m 0s15
Laetentur coeli 4m 0s50
Lamentations12m 30s50
Laudate Dominum omnes gentes2m 45s15
Laudate pueri Dominum4m 30s15
Laudibus in sanctis6m 0s50
Levemus corda5m 0s15
Libera me, Domine, de morte aeterna4m 0s15
Libera me, Domine, et pone me7m 0s15
Mass for Five Voices25m 0s100
Mass for Four Voices25m 0s100
Mass for Three Voices20m 0s100
Memento Domine4m 30s15
Memento homo2m 30s15
Memento salutis auctor3m 15s15
Miserere mei, Deus3m 0s15
Miserere mihi Domine3m 0s50
Ne irascaris Domine - Civitas sancti tui8m 45s50
Ne perdas cum impiis4m 0s15
Non vos relinquam orphanos1m 45s5
Nunc dimittis 4m 30s50
Nunc scio vere5m 30s15
O admirabile commertium3m 30s15
O Domine adjuva me4m 0s15
O gloriosa Domina3m 45s15
O lux beata Trinitas4m 30s15
O magnum mysterium5m 0s15
O quam gloriosum est regnum5m 0s50
O quam suavis4m 0s15
O Rex gloriae2m 15s15
O sacrum convivium2m 45s15
O salutaris hostia (a6)3m 0s50
O salutaris hostia (Grad.)2m 30s15
Oculi omnium4m 0s15
Omni Tempore5m 45s15
Optimam partem elegit2m 0s5
Pange lingua gloriosi7m 0s15
Pascha nostrum1m 45s5
Passio Domini nostri Jesu Christi secundum Johannem36m 0s15
Peccantem me quotidie6m 45s15
Peccavi super numerum6m 30s15
Petrus Beatus6m 45s15
Plorans plorabit5m 0s50
Post dies octo2m 0s5
Post partum Virgo2m 0s5
Propter veritatem4m 15s15
Psallite Domino1m 15s5
Puer natus est nobis5m 0s15
Quem terra, pontus, aethera4m 45s15
Quis est homo 6m 30s15
Quodcunque ligaveris4m 15s15
Quomodo Cantabimus9m 0s50
Quotiescunque manducabitis2m 30s15
Recordare Domine6m 15s15
Reges Tharsis2m 45s15
Regina coeli laetare5m 0s15
Responsum accepit Simeon3m 15s15
Resurrexi5m 0s15
Rorate caeli desuper4m 0s50
Sacerdotes Domini1m 30s5
Salve Regina (1605)4m 30s15
Salve Regina(1591)7m 15s15
Salve sancta parens 5m 0s15
Salve sola Dei genitrix3m 15s15
Senex puerum portabat2m 0s5
Siderum rector3m 15s15
Solve jubente Deo2m 45s15
Speciosus forma3m 0s15
Spiritus Domini4m 30s15
Super flumina Babylonis6m 0s50
Surge, illuminare, Jerusalem2m 0s5
Suscepimus Deus - Justitia3m 45s15
Suscepimus Deus - Sicut audivimus3m 0s15
Terra tremuit1m 0s5
Timete Dominum4m 30s15
Tollite portas2m 15s15
Tribue Domine12m 0s50
Tribulatio proxima est5m 30s15
Tribulationes civitatum 8m 30s50
Tristitia et anxietas9m 0s50
Tu es pastor ovium2m 15s15
Tu es Petrus2m 15s15
Tui sunt coeli1m 30s5
Unam petii a Domino4m 0s15
Veni Sancte Spiritus5m 0s15
Venite exultemus Domino3m 15s15
Victimae paschali laudes5m 30s50
Vide Domine afflictionem7m 30s15
Viderunt omnes (Communion)1m 15s5
Viderunt omnes (Gradual)2m 0s5
Vidimus stellam2m 0s15
Vigilate4m 30s50
Viri Galilaei4m 15s15
Visita quaesumus3m 45s15
Vultum tuum 6m 30s15

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