From the Parish Priest

Welcome to the website of St Mary Magdalen’s, a parish church in Oxford which has practised and preached the Christian faith for almost a thousand years. For the last hundred years or so we have celebrated that faith within the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism, and have become well known as a centre of Anglo-Catholic worship, ministry, teaching and preaching. We seek to offer a lively and energetic witness to the love of God revealed in Jesus Christ, alive among us in Word and Sacrament.

Today we are a thriving and diverse community, reflecting the international nature of our university city, and counting among its members not just those present in Oxford at any one time, but the many generations of people who have worshipped with us in times past. Those who have taken something of “St Mary Mags” with them to the communities in which they now live, work and witness, include many who have gone on to ordained ministry, particularly but not solely within the Church of England. This website introduces aspects of our life, liturgy, ministry and history. I hope it might encourage you to join us for worship or to explore further the riches of the Christian faith and the beauty of its expression in the Catholic tradition of Anglicanism.

The Revd Dr Peter Groves